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Kindergarten Pallipõnn vision

Kindergarten Pallipõnn has a good reputation and is acknowledged kindergarten, where parents trust teachers, where children come gladly and where workers possess inner motivation to work in our kindergarten.


Kindergarten Pallipõnn mission

Kindergarten Pallipõnn is a partner to home that gives an environment and circumstances that favor essential deportment for lifelong learning formation and the ability to get the good knowledge when going to school.


We value:


Child – centered teaching

In our educational work we lean on child’s own initiative and activity. We create conditions and inspire children to do things. We consider child’s individual peculiarity, ability, gift, interests, knowledge, outlook and child’s health. We are well-disposed, caring and preserved.



Lifelong learning

We have a wish to learn ourselves, share the knowledge with others, exchange the experience. We inspire children to learn through the play and that they have an interest on learning.



We go outside to the nature really often, we eat healthy food. We are role models for the children and we form a healthy eating habit and try to make them value physical activity. We hold work and holiday on balance. We are creating an environment which is intellectually and physically safe, where children, parents and workers come with a great joy.



Collaboration with parents

Our teachers and children family members are all partners in the learning environment and in the educational process. Trustful relationships between teachers and parents are helping to develop children’s bringing-up. We apprise family’s and we give feedback about their child’s development. We take interest in what the parent’s wishes are and we reckon with them.


Collaboration between co-workers

We reckon with the different notions, we are sincere, friendly, respectful to each other and loyal. We raise common goals, create best opportunities for children’s development and for the co-workers collaboration.


Openness and loyalty

We communicate with parents and co-workers openly and sincerely, tactfully and fairly. We get all the information that would help us to do our jobs better. We are keeping us free from all the negative attitude and we are always ready to receive new great ideas and collaboration offers.