Involves the participation of preschool students, aged 3 to 6 years. Turkey (coordinator of the project), Estonia, Hungary, Spain and UK are the participating partners.

With this project, the importance of the pre-school education will be implemented in different countries and pre-school comparison of the education systems will also be made. The aim of this project is to compare the present systems of pre-school education in the participating European countries and improve the quality of the actual pre-school educational services.

Visits to the partner’s countries will allow the participants to discuss the differences in the curriculums. During these visits each partner will display their pre-school teaching methods.

This project’s objectives are:

  • to promote education, social responsibility and students’ awareness
  • to identify the common problems of preschool education in different countries
  • to guarantee the rights of all children and the multicultural education
  • to promote interest in the diversity of each national culture, values and traditions
  • to search for effective approaches to integrate children into social structures
  • to promote cultural awareness within the preschool education
  • the intercultural exchange between the parties involved in the project
  • the integration of the ethnic groups into the formal education systems and all areas of the socio-economic life
  • to promote equal opportunities for children from different ethnic groups for access to education
  • to promote equality of all children and educators about different cultures, traditions and custom educational practices.